Arnold Conference is the scientific technical event of the Arnold Classic South America lectures are given in the area of health, nutrition and physical activity. The event is aimed at professionals in Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Physical Education, Physiotherapy and athletes.

The meeting takes place 21 to 23 April 2017. In the three-day it receives dozens of lectures especially for athletes and professionals in nutrition, sports medicine, physical education and physiotherapy.

The 2017 edition takes place at the Transamerica Expo Center - São Paulo / SP. The site will also house the Arnold Classic South America in the same period.

To ensure the best experience of the participants, the themes have been carefully chosen, meeting the highest quality standards. In addressing such a specific theme, we have as mission to bring solid and innovative content to our audience. This content will be divided into the following modules:

• Sports nutrition

• Clinical and Preventive Nutrition

• Functional nutrition

• Nutrition in Aesthetics

• Medicine and Sports

• Strength Training and Hypertrophy

• Functional training

• Bodybuilding

• Management of Supplements Stores

The main objective of the Arnold Conference is to raise the level of professionals related to health in sport in Brazil and count on their participation to continue growing.