Strongman Pro


Arnold Strongman Pro League is a contest of strength with the presence of the greatest athletes of the Strongman world, in a circuit all continents participating in the Arnold Sports Festival.

Known as the competition of the "strongest men in the world", is a sport in which competitors seek to demonstrate their strength in a series of tests and different ways.
Strongman is one of the most complete sports, in which is used strength, endurance,
speed and the ability to lift and haul different objects.
It usually takes place in public places such as beaches, enclosed streets, squares or wide environments and with an easy access to the population. For this reason and by using familiar efforts (pushing, throwing or lifting objects) the Strongman has been one of the most popular sports in the world.


Brendan Page


Career Wins: 5

2nd  Appearance in Arnold Classic Brasil

2017: 7th, Arnold Classic Brasil
2017: 8th, Arnold Classic Africa

2017: 5th, International Strongman Federation

Brian Clark


1st place and won  Pro card at the Dallas Europa June 2017,

5th place America’s Strongest Man 2017.

Bryan Benzel


Height 188 cm ; Weight 143 kg

Bryan Benzel played college football at the University of Nebraska before taking up strongman after a friend introduced him in his mid-twenties.

Benzel’s favourite event is the Atlas stones. “It’s a mixture of how iconic it is and because it’s typically been a strong event for me.” Although after dropping a 181kg stone on his foot earlier in his career – nearly losing it to the resulting infection – he’s got first-hand (maybe that should be first-foot?) experience of how real the stakes in strongman can be.

Benzel’s proudest strongman moment to date is placing 2nd in the 2015 Arnold Amateur World Championships. Ever the fierce competitor, it’s also his biggest disappointment as he felt he could have taken first.

Dimitar Savatinov


Height 178 cm; Weight 150 kg

Dimitar was a wrestler in high school and continued to wrestle during his time in the Bulgarian army which he joined when he was 18. After leaving the army, Dimitar went on to work at nightclubs across Bulgaria, and it was on the door that he met a group of circus acrobats who asked him to join their act. Travelling with the Bulgarian Ringling Brothers circus, he came to the USA. Although life on the road with the circus made regular weight training difficult, Dimitar did what he could and in 2009 was invited by some local powerlifters to go with them to a powerlifting contest. It was this meeting, he explains, which inspired him to look into strength training as a career and he would go on to enter his first strongman contest in May of 2009 where he promptly won first place.

Dimitar didn’t leave the circus immediately, and continued to travel and tour with them when, fortuitously some might say, the Circus’ resident strongman was injured in 2012, Dimitar took over his act for the next six months. The act that he then performed included laying on broken glass while a board on his chest had twelve performers dancing on it, bending iron bars, holding and spinning seven girls on a human carousel, lifting a 200-pound kettle bell, and, finally, having a car drive over him.

It seemed like fate: in the past year alone he competed in six contests and won his place at the 2014 Arnold Classic by finishing second at Odd Haugen’s LA Fit Expo All American Strongman Challenge. Mitko now says that his focus is solely on Strength Training and we wish him luck – he is one athlete to watch in this upcoming season on competitions.

Jerry Pritchett


1st place 2017 Americas Strongest Man 

3rd place Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus 2017

2nd place Arnold Strongman Sao Paulo Brazil

5th place Arnold Strongman in South Africa 

3rd place Arnold Strongman Barcelona 

6th place Arnold Strongman Classic, 2016

1st place, Mr. Olympia International MAS Wrestling, 2014

9th place, World’s Strongest Man, 2014

1st place, LA Fit Expo All American Strongman Challenge, 2014

7th place Arnold Strongman Classic, 2013

5th place Arnold Strongman Classic Brazil, 2013

1st place MET-Rx All American Strongman Challenge, 2013

Jitse Kramer


Height 194 cm; Weight153 kg

Max Deadlift (kg) 400 raw beltless (straps only)

Max Squat (kg) 300 raw

Max Bench (kg) 220 raw

Log (kg) 160

Current strongest man of the Netherlands and also 2013 champion.

Farmers walk: 400 kg 20 meters

Yoke: 520 kg 15 meters

First person in the Netherlands with a 400 kg deadlift. 

2017:  8th AC Barcelona

2017:  2nd AC South Africa 

2016:  2nd Strongest man of the Netherlands
2015:  1st Strongest man of the Netherlands
2013:  1st Strongest man of the Netherlands

Mateusz Ostazsewski


2017: 1st Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championships 2017

2018: 10th Arnold Classic Strongman USA 

Mateusz Kieliszkowski


Height 193 cm; Weight 142 kg

Poland’s Strongest Man in 2015 and 2016 made his debut at the World’s Strongest Man  in 2016. The full time strongman says he had two simple goals when he first started training: to be big and lift heavy weights. He’s stayed goal orientated but now his targets are a bit loftier.

Kieliszkowski’s trains for up to six hours a day, five days a week and says daily schedule isn’t filled with much other than training and resting. The only drawback with putting that much time into training is he says he’s getting to the point where he can hardly find clothes that fit him.

Mikhail Shivlyakov


Height 187 cm; Weight 132 kg

Starting his career in Powerlifting, Mikhail Shivlyakov progressed into Strongman competitions. Mikhail served in the Navy as a Marine sailor, you will see him wearing his beret with pride at competitions.

Shivlyakov won Arnold Amateur Strongman 2013 and in the same year won Hercules China, a great year for him and great training for the 2014 World’s Strongest Man where he came 4th in his group.

Rauno Heinla


Height 183 cm; Weight 133 kg

max deadlift 440 kg

Six times Estonia's strongest man

2017: 4th, Arnold Classic Australia

2016: 6th, Arnold Classic Europe

2016: 5th, Arnold Classic Asia

2016: 5st, Arnold Classic Africa

2015  World Deadlift Championship  3rd place 435 kg

2014 SCL Lithuanian  1st place

2014 SCL Estonia 1st place

Tiago Aparecido


Arnold Classic Brasil two times champion, Amateur Strongman category

South America’s two time champion

Arena’s Bruta Champion and the title of Brazil’s Strongest Man in 2017

Piso oficial