About São Paulo

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São Paulo

Number of inhabitants

The most populous city in the country, São Paulo surpasses the home of 12 million inhabitants, according to estimates by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). Considered a metropolitan region, that is, the 38 municipalities that surround the capital, the population reaches approximately 21 million inhabitants.

General data

  • Foundation: January 25th, 1554;
  • Location: Southeastern Brazil;
  • Municipal population: 12 million inhabitants;
  • Metropolitan population: 21 million inhabitants;
  • Area: 1,521 km;
  • Altitude: 750 meters of sea level;
  • Relative Humidity: 78% (annual average);

Climate: Tropical Temperate, with variation 22ºC to 27ºC in the summer and 15ºC to 21ºC in the winter.


São Paulo received approximately 15.08 million visitors in 2014, among those who came to business and / or leisure and stayed in the city, estimating a gain of R$ 11.3 billion;

The average length of stay of international tourists was 8.3 days, while the domestic tourists was 4.4 days;

The average daily expenditure of international tourists was R$ 591.00, while Brazilians were R$ 511,001.

Reason to visit São Paulo

  • Business (51.2%);
  • Events (22,3%);
  • Leisure (11.3%);
  • Studies (7.3%);
  • Health (3.3%);
  • Visit to relatives and friends (2.8%);
  • Others (1.8%).

12 must-see tips in the city of São Paulo:

1- Visit the Municipal Market (eat the famous mortadella sandwich!);

2- Monastery of St. Benedict (Gregorian chants);

3- Shopping tour (Rua 25 de Março and the neighborhoods of Brás and Bom Retiro, besides shopping malls);

4- Masp Museum;

5- Ipiranga Museum;

6- Ibirapuera Park;

7- Av. Paulista (Sunday tour);

8- Museum of Portuguese Language and Pinacoteca (both in the neighborhood of Luz);

9- Bairro da Liberdade (largest Japanese colony outside of Japan);

10- Praça Benedito Calixto (Handicrafts Fair;

11- Football Museum (in the Pacaembu Stadium);

12- Historical Center (passing through the Patio do Colégio, Largo de São Francisco and Sé Cathedral).

Events and Trade Shows

  • São Paulo is the South American capital of trade fairs, with 90 thousand events a year. This represents an event every 6 minutes;
  • The economic impact of the Business Fairs in the city is R$ 16.3 billion per year;
  • Among the main major trade fairs in Brazil, 415 occur in the state of São Paulo and 392 in the city of São Paulo;
  • There are 805 business events occurring annually in the city. That is, a business fair every 3 days;
  • The events in São Paulo receive 8.8 million visitors, among professionals and buyers, in addition to 77.5 thousand exhibitors.

Culture and leisure

São Paulo has:

  • 282 cinemas;
  • 101 museums;
  • 164 theaters;
  • 39 cultural centers;
  • 184 nightclubs (São Paulo and Greater São Paulo);
  • 146 libraries;
  • 53 shopping centers;
  • 240 thousand stores;
  • 111 parks and green areas.


São Paulo has:

  • 10 Football Stadiums - 2 of them of international standard;
  • 69 Sports Clubs;
  • 2 Yacht Clubs;
  • 12 golf courses;
  • 1000 Fitness Centers;
  • 1 race track;
  • 332 Sports and Leisure Centers.


São Paulo is the second largest city in number of restaurants, considered as the Latin American capital of good table.

Among the 50 best restaurants in Latin America, 6 are in São Paulo.

São Paulo has:

  • 15,000 restaurants;
  • 500 steakhouses;
  • 250 Japanese restaurants;
  • 20 thousand bars;
  • 3,200 bakeries, which produce 10.4 million breads per day and 7,200 per minute;
  • 4,500 pizzerias, producing 1 million pizzas per day, 720 per minute;
  • 60 vegetarian restaurants;
  • 2,000 Delivery options.

Consumption and Finance

São Paulo has one of the world&39;s top five exchanges in market values.

31 of the 50 largest private banks in the world and half of the investment banks are in São Paulo.

The city is the third most promising financial center in the world, behind Hong Kong and Singapore.

An absolute hub of business in Latin America, concentrating headquarters of companies financial institutions, startups and subsidiaries of the leading technology companies in the world.

São Paulo has:

  • 240 thousand stores;
  • 864 thousand credit card transactions per day;
  • 1.9 thousand bank branches;
  • 50,800 industries;
  • 38 of the 100 largest privately held companies with national capital;
  • 63% of the international groups installed in Brazil;
  • 17 of the 20 largest banks;
  • 8 of the 10 largest stock brokers;
  • 31 of the 50 largest insurers
  • It hosts about 40 international chambers of commerce and business;
  • BOVESPA - the largest stock exchange in South America;
  • Commodities and Futures Exchange - BM & F, the sixth largest in the world in turnover.