Bodybuilding Pro

The Basics of Bodybuilding

When presenting, the bodybuilder is observed and judged by the following criteria, mass, definition, proportion; symmetry, skin tone and stage presence (and choreography).

· Muscle mass: The athlete should have muscle mass (ie, muscle development and / or muscle grouping);

· Definition: Have a low amount of fat between the skin and muscles, to enhance each muscle visualization (ie the muscles must be visibly separated one another);

· Body Proportion: The whole body must present a harmonic physical or a balanced muscular development. The athlete, who sums the highest score these three criteria will be the winner, but in case of a tie a fourth criteria is used (this is not the way it happens, the athlete is judged as a whole.  The grade is not given by parts, but the parts need to be at a high level)

Muscle proportion: is the same development in all judged muscles. Therefore, in each pose the muscles should have the same size and be in harmony.

Symmetry is the same measure, the body is divided into right and left and the two must have the same structural measure Also, into two parts the upper and lower waist and the two should have the same measure as well. The Bodybuilder must have an "X" body.

· Harmony (the best X): Body harmony is the set of forms of the athlete. The best "shape", thin waist, large chest, wide shoulders and large thighs are more likely to win.